Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 50 - Alaska, July 10

Did you know... Alaska has the longest coastline in the U.S.  It is 6,640 miles.

Today we rode in Alaska, Yahoo! It was cold! When we finished we got to go fishing for halibut. Yum!

I had a great adventure! We made it to all 50 states in 50 days! I think I am
going to sleep now until next summer! I wonder what Mrs. Schroeder's next adventure will be? EEEK! Stay Tuned!

Day 49 - Washington, July 9

Did you know... the Lunar Rover was made in Washington. It assisted astronauts on the moon!

License Plate: The Evergreen State

Today was day 49 for Cindi. Several members from Vancouver Bicycle Club rode with us in Washington, great turn-out! We had a great ride from Washugal, Hockinson, Battle Ground (past Daybreak school), Ridgefield, Vancouver Lake and back to the Heights. Cindi had a celebration at her parents house at the end of the ride. She even got her picture in the newspaper.

Day 48 - Oregon, July 8

Did you know... the world's smallest park, totaling 452 inches, is in Oregon.

We rode from Milton Freewater to Boardman Oregon. Beautiful ride past many farmlands. Check out Mrs. Schroeder's silhouette on the dirt bank. I think it is an awesome photograph!

Day 47 - Idaho, July 7

Did you know... Idaho has the longest main street in America. It stretches thirty-three miles long.

License Plate: Famous Potatoes

Today we rode along the Lolo pass, beautiful!

Day 46 - Montana, July 6

Did you know... Grasshopper Glacier is located in Montana. It is called that because grasshoppers can still be seen frozen in ice.

License Plate:

The day in Montana was absolutely beautiful. The highlight of the day was visiting Adventure Cyclist Headquarters in Missoula, Montana. Bonus, they were having a Grand Opening party and we actually made it on time. We got a lot of freebies! Gotta love that!

Day 45 - Wyoming, July 5

Did you know... the "Register of the Desert," a huge granite boulder covering twenty-seven acres with 5,000 pioneer names carved on it, sits in Wyoming.

We went through Yellowstone park today. We saw a couple elk and a herd of buffalo. The Ranger was really nice to us.

Day 44 - Nebraska, July 4

Did you know... Nebraska has the only roller skating museum in the world.

License Plate: Corn Huskers

We went through Nebraska looking for pancakes. There was nothing but a run down gas station. Some farmer was just locking up due to 4th of July. I asked him if he knew of a pancake breakfast anywhere near by. He said they were having a "Fly In" pancake feed at the airstrip across the street. We went over and had great conversation with the locals and yummy pancakes. This was our lucky day!